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“Mischievous reverie.”

The mundane meets the miraculousCity Pages - Linda Shapiro #flyingnuns

The Reviews ARE IN ! #flyingnuns
photo: Sean Smuda

Mesmerizing and visceral work.. deeply moving and beautifull’etoile - Rene Meyer-Grimberg #flyingnuns

Flying Nuns :: Opening April 3rd :: Minneapolis


with Genevieve Muench, Samantha Johns, Renée Copeland, Lauren Rae Anderson + Sharon Picasso

Directed by Melissa Birch

This engaging and surreal work follows the fate of six sisters searching for the love of god in the unsuspecting backchannels of timeless travel.

Positing the performance in the subconscious schism, after nature, before nurture, director Melissa Birch inquires into contemporary tensions between biology and status quo, where stimulation and social order stand in for trickier spiritual dilemmas.

Thursday, April 3- 17th, 2014

Bryant-Lake Bowl Theatre | Minneapolis, MN 

Flying Nuns, September 2013With Evy Muench, Sam Johns, Alyssa Hill, Alina Brennaman + Alberta Mirais
Limbo Solo #newmusic @theritztheaterNovember 4th, 2013Monday Live Arts, 8pm
Flying Nuns with Alberta Mirais, Sam Johns, Alina Brennaman, Evy Muench + Alyssa Hill
Directed by Melissa Birch
Wednesday, September 25, 2013
Minneapolis, Bryant-Lake Bowl Theater - - 9x22 Dance Lab

TARA KING B-DAY - 3 Melissa Birch


Post-Post: The Art of the AfterParty
Directed by Melissa Birch
With Alina Brennaman, Alyssa Hill, Ben Olthafer, Craig Van Trees, Kevin Kirsch, Isreli Reichmann and Melissa Birch
as part of Bedlam Theatre’s TenFest
May 29 - June 1, 2013

War Queer Peace Solo, 2012
What do cats

know of silver name tags 
bells to warn the birds. Can ice imagine sand.
Malice is melting into mud and I, do not
have one decent
recipe to share.

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StoneWall with Maya Weinberg
Photo: Kristina Stolterfoht